Patrick Adams has been a lifelong photographer. Starting at 11 years old at the Boys Club of Toledo. He earned a degree in film studies from Bowling Green State University. The job market upon graduation was weak, and so with some friendly persuasion from a sister he enrolled in nursing school and also earned a degree in nursing sciences.

Since 1985 he has been operating a prolific full service photography and digital imaging studio while simultaneously working as a registered nurse in the operating room of the University of Michigan Hospital.

At the heart of both vocations is a love of science and, of course, humanity.

Adams photography is an homage to his early idols in life, the LIFE magazine photographers. Masters at writing with light. And illuminating mankind.

In July of 2006 Adams will open a new era in his career when the ribbon is cut on a brand new custom built studio. Designed and built by Adams and his nephew Eric Krall, the facility is the largest portrait studio in the Midwest, and allows for spacious natural lighting effects, as well as brilliant studio lighting setups.